A MSN client written on Curses and Python

Project Status:

Working hard on the first Beta-Release.
Begined: May 2005.
Deadline: Jul 2005.
(Sorry, there's no download yet)


Sebastián Santisi (s (at)


MSNCP will be an easy, friendly and intuitive MSN client that could run on a ASCII terminal.
It's only a Python script, doesn't requires installation or compilation.
The client is based on the Alberto Bertogli's msnlib.
When finished the MSNCP will provide a simple interfase to chat on the MSN Messenger Service to all of the terminal's users under GNU/Linux and similars.
The client is fully compatible with the MSN Client 3.5*.


It will bee licensed under the GNU's GPL license.

Screenshots: (It's a pre-beta version!)

We login our MSNCP client (yes, some in Spanish yet; the complete client will have multilanguage support):

Screenshot 01

We changed the status (an easy ESC opens the popup menu, it allows command line params like "/status online" too):

Screenshot 02

We oppened a chat with a friend (we have complete -and friendly- edition tools in the message line):

Screenshot 03

A friend has opened a chat (note the * to mark an active chat) and he talks to us (note the highlighted) (oops... watching the screenshot I've found a bug :)):

Screenshot 04

With a simple and intuitive tab, arrow keys and enter we focused the chat window to read the message (still are a connection):

Screenshot 05

The impatient friend is bored and closed the window (yes, in Spanish too... understand, it's a pre-beta screenshot :)):

Screenshot 06

Just be patient, the beta release is comming soon...

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