MSNCP 0.7.0-beta:

Screenshot of 0.7.0 beta version on Python 2.4 showing transparent background and emoticons:

Screenshot 08

MSNCP pre-0.5.0-beta:

Screenshot of pre-0.5.0 beta version showing folded and unfolded contact groups:

Screenshot 07

MSNCP 0.4.0-beta:

Screenshot of 0.4.0 beta version showing the scroll bars:

Screenshot 06

MSNCP pre-0.3.0-beta:

Screenshot of pre-0.3.0 beta version on a Gnome Terminal:

Screenshot 05

MSNCP 0.1.0-beta:

A client showing the real nicks of contacts:

Screenshot 01

A client with fixed nicks; changing the language to Spanish:

Screenshot 02

Now the complete client is in Spanish:

Screenshot 03

A new translation: Portuguese:

Screenshot 04

MSNCP alpha:

There are screenshots of the MSNCP Alpha in the old alpha site of the MSNCP project.