The MSNCP is a complete client that works over the MSN net. It's a Python script and doesn't require any installation.
The client is written on Curses and takes the MSN protocol support from the Alberto Bertogli's msnlib.
The basic idea of the MSNCP is to be an easy and intuitive MMS client that could run on a ASCII console with a complete GUI.
The project is licenced under the GNU's GPL license. The msnlib has OSL 2.0 license.
All the MSNCP client was written by Sebastián Santisi.

Beta release

Beta means that the client doesn't have yet all the features that I think needs for a complete client, but I think it is fully usable. You can use the client as an alternative to the Microsoft client.

New on 0.8.0-beta release

New on 0.7.1-beta release

New on 0.7.0-beta release

New on 0.6.0-beta release

New on 0.5.0-beta release

New on 0.4.0-beta release

New on 0.3.0-beta release

New on 0.2.0-beta release

Things to do

As you know, the project is now on beta status; this a list of features that will be added before the first stable release:
This is a brief list; the beta client has a lot of points to be fixed before, like the position of the cursor on the screen or the way it shows the info. The definitive client will have other minor features like /whois over contacts or support of Hotmail messages. I have an additional list of features that are not needed now, like mouse support or support of file transfer (this is a feature to add to the msnlib).